“BELTS”- Make The Outfit Complete.

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Do your wear Belts?

Sometimes, we are confused with varieties of questions regarding belts, On what outfit should I wear a belt? Can a belt help my look be more stylish? What kind of belt would suit be best and where should I wear it?

“BELT”- The smallest accessory in the outfit, yet one of the noticeable and  attractive accessory.  However, belts are always a underrated item, however one of the important item one should have in the wardrobe.

Belt can be made a statement piece by using the one in the appropriate manner. Belts are the one accessory that can make an outfit feel finished and perfect, other than a great hat of course. Belts can be used to give a shape to the outfit, to spice up your outfit.

Belts have a power of transforming a simple dress into a designer piece with the statement belt.

We get bored by using the same style, same pattern of wearing belts , let’s have a look into how to style the outfit with the “BELTS”.

Related image1) Animal print belt

If you want to add a bit of fun and tanginess to your outfit, wear an animal-inspired belt. It will bring color and sort of feel happy. Basically, it will add fun to an otherwise simple outfit. If you do not like wearing animal prints as dresses, you can always opt for these belts. Be sure to choose a light and trendy belt that will bring an element of class and timelessness. An animal-inspired belt is very versatile and goes with any outfit, be it trousers, skirts or dresses.

Source: pinterestRelated image

2) Statement golden Belt

The golden belt will enhance your simple dress into a stylish and trendy outfit.

Image result for statement golden belt


statement belt uniform dress found on  keep com

3) Scarf as a Belt

Just as a necklace or a scarf, a belt can be a very stylish accessory and even be the main player of your look.Adding a belt to a basic outfit will instantly style it up. You can choose amongst a very wide variety of shapes, colors and prints. Changing of belt is a great way to style the same clothes in a different manner.

beyond retro scarf as a belt

4) Sash Belt

Source: pinterest Related image

These belts are very attractive and among the most beautiful-looking belts available. They are to be self-tied and don’t have buckles. A sash belt looks perfect over a body-hugging sheath dress. However, a three inches wide belt would give a real impact to the dress.

Belts and shoes

Belts for Men are the primary accessory to be wore everyday , be it for a professional or a social life. Let’s have a look on few tips on how to style belts for men.

mens street style trousers brown belt white t-shirt casual

If you are supporting a pair of slim fit or loose fitting trousers a belt will not only be functional but is part of the aesthetics. As trousers can be dressed up and down and the color of the belt can vary. Mix and match with light browns, blues, tans, navy’s, and you will find your favorite combination of trouser to belt color.

Gentlemen, this is what you need to step up your belt game

Casual belts can range in color as long as they are styled with complimenting shades

Related imageRelated image

 Ensure the color of your belt matches the color of your dress shoes.

Black shoe should match with Black Belt, same goes for Brown and Red shoes.

The finish of your belt matches with that of your shoe, if your shoe has a wet-look (patent leather) then ensure you match it with a belt that has a wet look. Same goes for plain leather with plain leather, suede leather with suede leather and fabric with fabric.




 You should match the metal bit on your loafers, belt buckle, blazer buttons, tie bars, watch and cuff links.

If you are wearing a gold horse bit black loafers, ensure you use a matching belt with a gold belt buckle as well. If it’s silver in color, ensure your belt buckle and the metal bit of all other accessories is silver as well.

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Explore the  style with belts to make your outfit complete and classy.








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Styling with Brooch


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Jewelry are the most attacking piece in the outfit. One of the jewelry pieces are Brooches and lapel pin they are one of the stunning accessories in the entire outfit. Brooch is such a type of jewelry that it can be styled in any and every pattern or manner. Lapel pins are an outward representation of your personality. Most other jewelry is worn only in the way it’s intended, the styling possibilities for brooches are pretty much up to your personal style.

The brooch is a single accessory which grabs all the attention towards it. Let us have a look on ” how to style the brooch in various ways.” Depending on the brooch, our personal style can be characterized too, isn’t it Interesting?

  •  Wear it up high on your lapel or shoulder.  Often when we put on a brooch we do so from the angle of looking down (kind of how our head and neck works really) but instead of looking down and pinning on, try looking in the mirror to find the best placement for your brooch.  If you want to look taller, high up is better.  If you want to draw attention away from your bust, higher up is better.  Higher up is better – enough said!
  •  Make a statement.   Find a larger scale brooch to make a statement.
  •  Wearing a brooch in the middle is something different, we usually tend to wear  a brooch on one or other shoulder, but how about wearing it in the middle of a high necked top such as a halterneck style – like a necklace just without the chain!
  • Pin it to your blouse collar. This can look great with a smaller more delicate brooch.  It doesn’t have to be on a jacket lapel.
  •  Put it on a chain and wear it as a necklace.  Alternatively attach it to a wide velvet ribbon and tie it choker style.
  • How to Wear Brooches

Coming to the lapel pins for Men, like cufflinks , lapel pins are an easy way to show off your style in an elegant way.

Lapel pins are back and for good reason. They make personalizing your everyday look easy and affordable, and such a subtle detail goes a surprisingly long way in terms of style. From butterfly clutch pins to the more elusive collar and long stem pins, play around and have fun with these.  Use your lapel pin as a conveyance to express yourself so the world can see what you’re really about. They give a look of elegant and sophistication at the same time trendiness and professionalism, depending on the detailing of the lapel pins.

Related imagewhy-you-should-wear-oneflower

There are various types of lapel pins ,like butterfly clutch, stick pins and so on. You must be facing the doubts when these accessories can be used? Well, there’s no exact answer.  Lapel pins are great for events like weddings or fundraisers.  They’re also just as good for everyday wear and for work.  Pinning one on your suit before you go to work, or on your jacket before going out at night, will make your outfit pop. However, if you’re going to wear a lapel pin to your job, just make sure its design is appropriate for the workplace.

Yes, Yes.. I know you are waiting to style and experiment with lapel pins and brooches at your workplace and various occasions. SO Way TO GO.!!!

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Shoes Speak Louder Than Words.!!

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Footwear are the reflection of your personality. It’s said that the image is reflected by the type of footwear we prefer to wear. When pairing the outfit with footwear, our mind plays with lots of doubt, which footwear will match the specific outfit , in order to get a unity in the look.

Related image

Let’s have a look on what to pair with  colored and different styles of  footwear in correspondence with the outfit.

In creating a head-turner fashion, there is no need to stick with specific black, white , tanned stuff. It’s all about being comfortable with your fashion choices, whether you opt for a minimalist style or a flamboyant selection. There  are various ways to glam with colored footwear and it’s style.


    How to style Black Heels?

Well, black is the universal color that always goes with most of the outfits.  Owning at least one or two black shoes or heels will definitely save you during your lazy days. Black seems to complement almost all  the tints, tones and shades even with the color itself. You can pair it with your LBD or  body-con dress. The color black will either set off the hues or create a style of its own.

What to Wear with Black Shoes

There are several shoe types that certainly look glammed with black, however  the most common and trendy are the chunk heels and, of course the classic sexy heels. These shoe types can be worn anywhere, from your workplace to your dinner date. And if you want a more playful style, then go for a bright long skirt like pink or yellow.

What to Wear with Black Shoes

black heels

How to style Black Shoes for Men?

Black shoes goes well in versed with the formals and business casuals, no doubt. Black are always the winner in the formal competitions. It’s not only with formals the black shoes can go , however it can be styled in various ways.

Black shoes can work with most colors of chinos because they are a neutral anchor. In order to reduce the contrast between black shoes and a bright color such as yellow, light blue or red try cuffing your chinos to expose your ankle. This gives a break in the natural line down your leg and means that the colors don’t contrast as much as when they are touching.

Men's Black Shoes Lookbook

How to style Green Heels?

What to Wear with Green Heels

Another eccentric footwear shade, green heels may be something out of the fashion world. Green is somehow associated during the holidays, so you can certainly make use of your green heels throughout the holiday season.

What to Wear with Green Heels

Pair your favorite button-down & skinny jeans combination with your  green pumps. For sure, you will turn heads with your distinctive footwear, as well as your entire fashion ensemble.

How to style brown shoes for men?

Brown footwear is also perfect for when you want a smart casual look. Depending on the style and material, brown shoes bring a formal feel with an added toned down aspect due to the color. Much like wearing a black suit with brown shoes, many believe that wearing darker jeans with a pair of light brown are in more sync.

All colors of chinos, jeans, tailored trousers and shorts will work with brown or tan shoes.

Mens Brown Shoes Lookbook

How to style Blue Heels?

What to Wear with Blue Heels

Among all the blue shades, the well-loved color is the royal blue and my favorite too. It symbolizes sophistication and style, all in one setting.  To keep up with your blues, you can choose a dark top, and then pair it with a classic white jeans or a patterned flares. A bright yellow dress will also match your blue footwear.

What to Wear with Blue Heels

How to style Blue shoes for men?

Blue loafer close up

If you’re a fan of classic pairings, then you’ll like this combination of a light blue blazer jacket and blue chinos. Blue dress shoes will add a touch of polish. Blue shoes can be paired with the formals and with any casuals.

If you're a fan of classic pairings, then you'll like this combination of a light blue blazer jacket and blue chinos. Blue dress shoes will add a touch of polish to an otherwise low-key look.
These are the basic colors from the palette for which we are confused how to wear , when to wear, Hope this article helped you to sort down the things for you.
Making the  pair of footwear a statement piece is an Art.


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Styling with Black & White

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“Black and white” are the basic colors in the wardrobe, if black and white is present in your wardrobe , then you can make most of the combinations using these two colors. Black and white are probably everyone’s  favorite fashion colors. Black is stylish , modernate and perfect to create a modern look. White is fresh, innocent, elegant  and a perfect choice on warm weather days. Most of us prefers only black and white, I agree black and white are one of the best colors, however, we can give a pinch of few colors along with black and white  to make it more stylish, attractive and so on. Combining black and white with other colors gives a statement look.

so true... it's personality, depth and absolute classy...elegance and a bit of mystery.

  • All Black gives an impression of authoritativeness in formal wear and the casual black outfit is an easy 24/7 choice.

Related image

  • All white  outfit is a perfect choice for a sophisticated and timeless look. Pair contrasting materials for a renewed style or pair matching materials gives a statement look. Mix-and-match contrasting white items for a cool style – like a poplin shirt with denim, a slouchy T-shirt with tailored pants or knitwear with a breezy skirt.

Related image

  • Black and white combinations

Go for a color-block style, a black and white print or pattern or add black or white accessories to an entire white or black outfit which will enhance the look. A monochrome outfit is perfect to wear to the office, at night or to create a casual look.



  • Combination of various colors with black and white gives a colored outfit which would change the message of an outfit, it can be formal, casual, occasional and so on. Combining a colored layer on a black and white piece will give a edge and styled look. It also helps to create varieties in your closet.

Related image

Related imageSlide2

Image result for black and white and olor stylingRelated image

  • Black and white accessories like scarfs, handbag, belts can be used in the outfit to accentuate it . It’s not only the colors with which we can play in our outfits. The thing that matters is how we styled the shades, of a same color in one outfit.

Related image#menfashion #black & #white #grey

Hope, this has given you most of the ideas to style your basic black and white from your wardrobe by playing with accessories and giving a pinch of a color in it.




Denim ON Denim

When in doubt, wear denim.

Denim on denim is a trendy thing which will never go out of fashion. For most of the people denim on denim or a double denim is a big time “No-No”, however, if styled in a good manner it looks amazing.

The trick for getting denim on denim right is all about the pieces we choose to wear.


 Most of us think that denim on denim is of 80’s and 90’s, however, it’s not the case, so I am writing the blog to give a outline on the basics and  general rules of double denim and how to make it work, for both men and women!

Most of us are willing to wear denim on denim , however confusion arrives that how to style it in appropriate way. The key to this is selecting appropriate shades that are totally different from each other. This means pairing a light washed blue denim jacket or shirt with dark blue, black or grey jeans. You can do it the other way around with dark washes on top and lighter on the bottom, but I find that it looks better the first way as darker colors are more slimming on the bottom, creating a much nicer illusion to your proportions.


The next rule is opting for a fitted jeans , shirt or a vest, I think loose jeans will never give that effect of denim on denim. The next option which will go would be using same color different shades and accessorizing it with the oxidized neck piece or earrings.

Layering over a coat or smart blazer also brings another classy element to double denim so it doesn’t always have to look casual.


The rules of denim on denim for men and women are same,  in terms of wanting to wear double denim in similar washes, so if you don’t want to mix up your blue shades, put a printed sweater on underneath your jacket, have some bolder shoes, throw on some sunglasses.


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What Makes Your Wardrobe Trendy?

capsule wardrobe for men ebook

Lot of times we think, our wardrobe is full of clothes however when going for any event or occasion we are confused what to wear, how to wear, most of us thinks that we don’t have THE PERFECT  outfit for the event, we are hardly satisfied with the number of outfits we are having in our wardrobe, (though having lots of collections)  Am I correct?

When thinking about the wardrobe’s essentials, lots of questions are banging most of  our heads, what should be essential in order to make a trend proof wardrobe with the basic style of clothing, what should be the different accessories,  how the clothing itself will lead to develop different styles and fashions, what colors should be preferred, what would be that one piece of outfit which can be paired with most of them and so on.

So here are few basic essentials which you should have in your wardrobe in order to style yourself:

  • The White Shirt 

This is one of the most versatile piece in the wardrobe. Whether in white or blue , styling it gives a classic as well as trendy look as well. You can  wear the shirt under blazers and sweaters, paired with shorts in the summer with the sleeves rolled up, and even as a beach cover up.

button down shirt.pngjohn patrick shirt.jpg

  • The Tee/ T-shirt

T-shirt can be styled in many ways, When looking for the perfect t-shirt, you must ask yourself if it will look good worn simply with jeans + under a blazer + tucked into a high-waist skirt. A u-neck t-shirt, with a slightly boxy fit and shorter sleeve fits the bill.

tshirt.pngtee shirt.jpg

  • The Black Dress

A black dress can be wore in various functions from a cocktail party to a evening party or in weddings.How do you find such a versatile dress? Let me count the ways: 1. Go for short sleeve or sleeveless, which is perfect for cocktail parties and weddings. As a general rule, if the length is longer, the sleeve should be shorter.

black dress- Proenza Schouler 300.jpg8c5aafc07318163a114c6652e422aa06.jpg

  • The Blazer

One blazer everyone can use for most of the occasion is Tuxedo Blazer.I know it sounds crazy, but it can be worn with jeans, or with your skinny black pant for a “tux” which will work in for a  cocktail dress or  for formal occasions.

tuxedo jacket.jpgb6bd6930e72f8ac19985958f1020865f (1).jpg

  • The Leather Jacket

A leather jacket instantly adds an edge to any outfit and helps bring a new texture into your wardrobe. A classic black, beidge jacket would be a perfect one and will never go out of style.

1cb96d7f9d9574968346a93b3ff52ad3.jpgmoto jacket.jpg

  • Sharp Black Pant

“Sharp black pant”,  I mentioned so it should be a tailored , crisp pant. The black pant would be combined with any shade of the shirt, blazers , it can be versatile in it’s pwn style. Choosing a synthetic fabric for your straight pant is acceptable because it won’t wrinkle when you sit down, as most natural fibers do. It will also help keep them looking “sharp”.

sharp black pant.pngmy pants.jpg

  • The Denim

Jeans would swing in with various shirts, T-shirts and can be combined and made trendy in multiple ways using scarves, jackets and so on.



  • The Flats

A feminine delicate flat is timeless, would never go out of style, The comfort feeling is perceived by flats too. Focusing on comfort, most importantly, because you will wear these shoes when you want an “off-duty” day. Matt or glossy both can be preferable.

0fb5bdb888dd3505840d047b7b5619c6.jpgflat shoes2.png

  • The Black formal shoes 

A mid-heel black pump is always in trend in the case of formals.  Can prefer  for no more than a 3.5″ heel height, in black leather, with a slightly elongated toe to lengthen your leg, this type of heel cannot be out of the box, though other heels type might be.

black pumps edit.jpgBlackFleeceShoe_1.jpg

These versatile stuffs can be combined and can wear it in various style in order to make yourself trendy and fashionable. If these is in your wardrobe, mark me you can make 100+ styles using this.

So what are you waiting for, Explore your wardrobe and discover your own styles.



Styles To Make The Winter Warm


Slide1 Winter is arrived, most of us enjoy this season , I am one of them, most of us love to wear various types of clothes in this season with varieties of styles , can explore new styles in winter with sweaters, mufflers and so on, hope most of us also love to explore new styles and fashion ideas and would also like to play with warm and cozy clothes in winter.

Just as the soup could be swapped for a hearty, imaginative hot sandwich, there are ways to keep warm in the colder months without mixing into the crowds.

  There are lot ways to know about style and yes there is, the more you go deep the more you can explore yourself. Lets have a look on few tips on Styling the boring outfit and make it more classy in winter and make the winter even more cozy.


Colored leather and suede are fantastic shoe options. Get a little fun with reds, blues, and grays. Don’t worry about matching a belt to each one — a black belt with gray shoes or a brown one with blood red is fine.


The length of the cuffs matters alot as it helps to flow in the harmony of the outfit, it’s very necessary to make sure that the cuffs should flow on the shoes. There should not be any gap between shoes and a cuff.Slide3


We always love layers in our icecream, burgers and so on, likewise we can layer our outfit in a stylish way, like wearing a trench coat or a jacket along with swapping of different layers. You can belt your coats by using different bold belts to give it a new look.Slide1


Switching a middle layer in an outfit impacts the change in the mood and in the occasions. It completely gives a different look.



Wearing winter-appropriate accessories when you go out into the cold is a must to stay warm and comfy. Accessories which can be carried on are coats, hats, scarfs, mufflers in various stylish ways.



Sunglass are not just a favorite accessory in summer, it can help you out in the winter. While others are struggling with the crankled eyes and skin, most of us can prefer a classic, neutral color sunglass , they protects the eyes from light and bright winter days. From a style perspective, shades finish off your winter look, add mystery and act as efficient shields . Using of the neutral , classic shades  of the sunglass will help to enhance the look. Slide1

Let’s experiment and explore the new winter styles and enjoy the stylish and fashionable winter.



Expressing through STYLE.

STYLE– The word itself has it’s own importance in it’s unique way, the feeling of being stylish is something every one cherish for themselves. Being Unique in our own way, exploring ourselves in our own aspect is something we can relate to Style.

As every author has  a unique way of writing or phrasing words, in the same manner every individual is unique and have it’s own style to perceive.

The only key is to



Style is a non verbal way of  communication which expresses your attitude, your values , your personality. Style is expressed through the clothes , the accessories you put on yourself to look impressive, attractive.


While going in a party, everyone have the feeling of looking more unique , more beautiful, handsome among the crowd, we all try to do something different, may be wearing a different combination in our clothes, or adding some unique accessories , so that we look outstanding in a function.

Do you ever tried these things while going in a office party, or to any occasion, I always tend to do so in some or the other way, may be trying a different pair of footwear or a rugged jeans on a crop top or something like that.

STYLE- Is something trying new , what suits us better , how we select the clothes on every single day ,these things completely relates to our mood and our personality, the relation of the mood and the personality on every single day varies this happens with most of the women’s.

We all have that question which knocks our brain that which outfit will suit us, Am I correct? One of the solution for this can be When you look at your clothes in your closet ask yourself (a) What influenced my choices? (b) Are there choices influenced by friends or family members? (c) Are there any outfit which were purchased just because they were in fashion, however you din’t get attract to it as you need to be? These questions are like spectacles which will help to give a clear view to explore your style , understand your choices.


Slide2.JPGAll have the infatuation of being stylish, however the next question knocks our brain is which style will suit us , our personality? The first step for this is need to discover few things about ourselves , buy some magzines, go to shopping malls can try few clothes which will suit the personality , have a look on the clothes which will influence you, dress the way in which you feel good.


  • Combination or pairing a black tee  with palazzo, skirt , jeans, shots and so on.
  • Wearing different pair of footwear every time when repeating the same outfit.
  • Men can use a leather jacket or a floral jackets on shirts, a glazy jackets to look more fuller.
  • Styling yourself with a vest coat while going to an evening party .
  • Use of scarfs around neck.
  • Last but not the least,  hiring an IMAGE CONSULTANT / PERSONAL STYLIST  who will help to enhance you in a perfect way to look  ” The Perfect ” according to your personality.


What’s your style you can mention in the comment below, the style can be related to anything like related to clothes, way of wearing an accessory or anything.

LINES-Impact On Our Image.


LINES-  Hearing a word ” line” what you think , or what comes to your mind at a instance, that is joining two points creates a line, we have heard about this from our school times in Mathematics, correct? The angles, curves, rays etc all comes from line, that we have studied in our geometry.

Most of us hate the subject Maths, I will be the first person against Mathematics, however “No Offense” , Ha Ha Ha..!! I had never imagined that these lines will again knock my door and will  help in such a tremendous way to give a splendid and appropriate look.

Lines are not only used in Maths, or in engineering , every object is made from a line, however it gives a very strong impact on our looks as well, Don’t you believe this?? No worries, I’ll open the doors for you that how the lines helps us in giving a ideal look.

The person who is shorter have a feeling to look taller always, so preferring heels is one of the easiest way, however in that , all are not comfortable to wear heels or all the men cannot prefer the shoes with little heels and vice versa the person who is extreme taller feels that if “I would have been short I would have looked more good or If I would have been slim I would have looked attractive” , we have these bundle of  thoughts going in our mind each and everyday, when we get ready for Office, for going out , for going college , going on a date etc.

Let’s come in the world of Lines, as we all know there are basic lines- Horizontal Lines, Vertical Lines, Diagonal Lines and combination of all these lines creates angles, curves etc.

A  line allows you to create the illusion of balance and proportion of the looks.Have you ever wondered why is it that we wear formal shirts in office or why do formal shirts have lines which are vertical and not horizontal or diagonal?

  • Lines makes the eye to move up and down,side to side,from left to right or right to left or around the garment;maybe straight,curved, horizontal,diagonal,vertical,zig- zag or it may be a combination of these directions.
  • Lines actually make the eyes twist and control our brain in such a way that our eyes follow and fix on the design.
  • A thick line conveys strength and alertness,while a thin line implies firmness and stability in ones character.
  • We often find that formal shirts have straight even vertical lines and not horizontal because then it becomes casual and the person wearing this is perceived as not serious. So it is not preferred in most offices and companies

Let’s come to those lines which will help to give more clarity.


  1. Horizontal Lines helps to shorten the height , emphasizing on the width. Horizontals can be toned down by opposing vertical line or by relaxing the line into a curve or diagonal. Horizontal lines usually gives the calm , relax look.



Vertical lines usually creates an illusion of height and slimness, it can cause the personality  to appear taller because the eyes are drawn up and down.



Diagonal Lines contribute to height or width depending on the angle and length. The long diagonal lines creates a feeling of tallness and short. Women with a short waist or women with an unbalanced body shape need to be very cautious of wearing this design line.


Now, that you have got an idea of lines if you are planning to dress for a formal occasion,then here are some tips that will definitely help you create that perfect first impression.

1. Always wear something that fits you and you are comfortable in.
2. Vertical lines are best office wears especially to impress your boss and others, and it also has a slimming effect on people.
3. Longer sleeves are more preferred for office because short sleeves look casual.




Color Speaks Our Image.


When we hear about the word “COLOR“, there are various things that comes in our mind, our favorite color , the colors which we see when we open our eyes, while travelling, the different colors of the nature, the colors of rainbow, color of sunset , color of sunrise, that color of the sea in evening when the sun is setting down, the redish, yellowish color of the sunset gets mixed in a very subtle way with the color of the ocean, and which gives a reflection of a different, heart- blowing colors,  which changes our mood, the color of the sun rays when it enters in the forests changes the view of forest from a dark scaring forest to a beautiful scenario which changes our mind gives refreshment,  I am sure you must have started imagining these scenarios while reading this !! Let me help you to give more clarity about these beautiful scenarios with the help of few clicks and imagine yourself right there as I am imagining myself .

Slide1Slide2As the color of the sunset mix up with the ocean it enhances  the ocean in a  more beautiful way , in the same manner our life gets more beautiful when colors compute in our life. Basically, our life is a plain canvas and we paint our life with our favorite colors to make it more happening, same boat of the colors helps us to paint ourselves with the help of the  “CLOTHES” , it’s patterns, textures, shapes etc.


Slide4Color is a powerful and important communication tool, and it is tied to religious, cultural, political and social influences.

Color influences us in each and every stage of our life , for example  when we go in the market seeing the color of the vegetable we buy the vegetable, if the color is fade or dull, we do not prefer it, or when we go to an  ice cream store be it a creamstone, Dinshaws or any local or branded ice cream store, we first see the color of the ice cream though it’s a new flavor for us or an old one,  if the color is attractive or it’s a freshen one we prefer it and then we ask the shopkeeper ‘ which flavor it is? ‘

Am I Right ? Hope I am, because I do the same thing..!! I too get influence with the color of an ice cream, especially the chocolate one.

So with this we can imagine in our day to day life , we give so much importance to the colors which affects us in the following ways :


Most of us have a favorite color or prefer some colors over others. This is because color can affect our moods so we surround ourselves in the colors that have a positive impact on our mood. Red can boost the energy, yellow often makes people feel happier, a Schools tend to user bright colors that appeal to children.


Different colors mean different things in different places. Purple for example is a color of mourning in Thailand. In western culture however, it is associated with royalty, luxury, wealth and sometimes magic.

Other examples are:

  • In western cultures black is a color of mourning.
  • In Japan  a black  is a color of honor, with white the color of mourning
  • Red in the west represents danger, love, passion.
  • In India it is a color of purity, in China it is a color of good luck and in South Africa it is a color of mourning.
  • Yellow represents courage in Japan, mourning in Egypt and hope in the West.


We live in a colorful world, a world that acts as the perfect inspirational trigger for design. The best thing about looking to the environment for design solutions is that the palette is always changing, from autumnal oranges to cold winter blues. So where better to look than out of your window, take in the colors and then apply them to your designs. Drawing inspiration from nature for your designs also makes you look at the world differently.

Same Palette goes with the color selection of the clothes according to the situation , occasion and the skin tone .




Clothing colors carry a lot of emotions: each color not only represents a mood, it also changes the mood when paired up with

other colors. Hence, clothing colors are important when it comes to selecting clothes.

A BLACK outfit presents the authorativness , sophistication which can be wore in an important meeting where you want to show that you have the authorities , a CEO, M.D. or high level management can prefer this.



A BLUE color indicates  calmness, strength, Blue is a color that generally looks good in almost any shade and it is a very popular color, especially among men. Blue can be paired with shades of white , Black, orange etc.

For your info, the color Royal blue is my favorite color!


A YELLOW color indicates a color of friendship, it presents an approachable look, It is the brightest color that the human eye can see. Yellow color meaning represents youth, fun, joy, sunshine and other happy feelings. It is a cheerful and energetic color. The color yellow is often used for children’s toys and clothes. The yellow color is often hard to read when placed on a white background, so we must be careful when using the color yellow.  Although yellow is a bright and cheerful color, as it approaches the darker shades. Yellow can be paired up with shades of violet, blue etc.


COLORS have a power to flatter our body, makes us slim, looks healthier etc, there is no beauty without color, a black and white photo doesn’t give us that clarity which a colored thing can give. We can change the palette of colors according to ourselves by selecting proper colors in our life, in our clothes to look more good.


We can change our image, mood with the help of various colors in our clothes , in our life which will boost our image.!!